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All Guilds Meeting - April 2013

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A rather fiesty crowd at this month's AGM.  What seemed like a quick meeting soon grew into a full-sized one..right before the crowd's eyes!  Here are the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs for those that missed it.

DimensionTravelerCalum/Heritage Night

DTC came to the stage first to mention that HN has been put on hold for the time being for a new project!  This will be similar to Spoken Word Night conducted by vid back years ago, specifically 25 and 50.  More details, such as date and time, will be released soon, so check the Heritage Night site for more info.

Guild of Messengers

Thinking the meeting would be short, the GoMe went next, introducing to everyone the latest Messenger to join the Guild: Samoth! The Guild also updated everyone on the progress of URU2U's next episode, which is coming along nicely and will hopefully be released before the next AGM.  There were also some non-GoMe related announcements: Samoth mentioned the Relto of Ainia, Max talked about the upcoming International Hood, and Lyrositor updated everyone on the status of Lyrobot.


 Mac , rarified an d Christian Walther all went next to give a very quick update on Minkata shard and updates Cyan plans to implement to the MOULa shard...which might fix the recent crashing problems that have been occuring.


Doobes reminded everyone for Hoikas that a new version of WhoM (link goes to download) has been released, this version having the capability of deleting unneeded folders left over from various travels with bots in the cavern and the ability to create KI mails outside of the game.

D'ni Musicological Research Hood

Musica came back to the stage to remind everyone that the DMR will be hosting an interview with Tim Larkin, composer of the music for URU and Myst V.  Check out the forum thread and leave your questions for him!  They are also trying to set up an interview with Peter Gabriel (who provided the songs "Burn You Up, Burn You Down" for URU and "Curtains" for Myst IV, as well as providing his voice for a character in Myst IV), but they have not gotten a response yet.

face in puddle man

face unexpectedly came up to mention his video project featuring exploding pellets!  Anyone interested in helping can contact him in-game.


And that's all!  CAVCON is sitting at 2.1 right now, which is not a healthy number.  Explorers are encouraged to donate!  See you next month for a (hopefully) more organized meeting!

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